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What to wear to the office on Friday

Happy New Month guys! Can you believe, we are only a few weeks away from Christmas? Eek, as much as I am excited for the Holidays, I need time to slow down a bit so I can catch my breath! Are you as excited as I am that the weekend is almost here? The weather has been extremely cold here for this time of year, ( my humble opinion), but I am not complaining or am I?  I recently rediscovered…

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How to style a plaid coat this fall – Part 1

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend! Today’s blogpost features one of 3 outfits I will be sharing in the upcoming weeks on how to style a plaid coat this fall. The plaid pattern trend has been around for a little while and was once again among the few street-style standouts at this year’s New York Fashion Week. The plaid pattern alone presents such versatility to any outfit which makes it one of the most fun patterns to style. For…

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Why Does It take So Much Time…Happy Monday!

Thanks for the love on my last post! I really appreciate each and everyone of you that read my weekly posts and leave sweet comments! It keeps me motivated to move forward in this crazy journey! Speaking of journey, I embarked on a challenging, yet totally worth-it journey a few months ago, and if you follow me on Instagram ( Instastories are my weakness), you would know that I had little to no-sleep this weekend due to inability to shut-off my…

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How to Get Over Insecurities – My thoughts

Hello and happy Thursday guys! BEWARE – Long post 🙂 You wouldn’t have caught me in jeans a year ago, in fact, one of the questions I get asked the most from friends and co-workers is whether I own any jeans. I quickly blamed my lack of interest in jeans on how uncomfortable they look , however, I knew deep-down that was not the real reason why jeans were not part of my wardrobe. You see,  I used not to…

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Work It – Textured Pencil Skirt & Frilled Shirt

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend.  My sister and her kids slept-over and she and I stayed up late watching romantic movies ( my favorite type of movies). So fun! If you are not already following me on Instagram, you are missing out, because I share quite a lot about my daily life there! One of these days I will be able to share an outfit post without a winter coat! Really, I think we all…

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Winter Chic – Jumpsuit & Pearls

Happy Monday guys! I hope you had a lovely weekend! A little jumpsuit action on here today! Honestly, I have a love and hate relationship with jumpsuits because even though they are super – comfy,  they are just impractical unless you are only wearing them for a couple of hours. I totally forgot how inconvenient they can be and wore this outfit to work a couple of days ago. Yes, I did! Trust me when I say that it was a pain having…

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