Living with a physical disability can affect your life in many ways, but it doesn’t have to change your fashion style!

Hi I am Deborah and I am so glad you found my blog!

Chiclyyours is a fashion and lifestyle destination that covers topics related to personal style, lifestyle and bits and pieces of my life. To me fashion is a way to express myself through my personal style, which I would describe as evolving and growing. I truly hope my posts inspire you to overcome insecurities ( read about my personal insecurities here ), help you feel confident and stylish everyday.

I am not much of a trend-follower but I do make an effort to not fall too far behind. I wear what I feel looks good on me, fits my personality and perhaps the occasion. I strongly believe that you can look fabulous and chic everyday as long as you know your body and what works for you. 

 Besides fashion, I am passionate about education. I firmly believe that it is one of, if not the most important asset a person or society should invest in. Education is a powerful tool that reduces poverty and inequality across the board. What are you passionate about?

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