Big News


So………. I’ve gone MIA for some time, and I sincerely apologize for leaving you hanging. Thank you so much for those of you who’ve messaged me to see how I was doing. I totally appreciate your love and support! I thought about creative ways to share this exciting news with you, but I guess this will do 🙂 My hubby and I will be welcoming a new bundle of joy sometime next spring, and we couldn’t be any happier. We are truly…

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Trench Coat & Cami Lace Dress


Thursday is finally here and I am so excited to head home tonight to see my babies.My week has been crazy busy, and I am ready for a relaxing weekend. Thank you guys for the warm wishes on my last post! I truly appreciate it!! So the fall season is officially here and it definitely feels like it here in the Midwest. It is really no secret that I am not a big fan of the cold season, but I sure…

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Work It: Blue Suit

Happy Monday everyone, how is it going? My weekend was not as eventful as I would have liked because I was pretty much bed-bound for the most part, but thankfully, I am feeling a little better, and will be heading to Charlotte for work this morning. This will be my second time there, and I am looking forward to seeing how it’s changed since my last visit. I probably won’t blog the rest of the week, but will catch up…

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Baby Blue & Leopard


Do you wake up some days and feel extremely happy for no particular reason other than the fact that you are healthy and alive? Well, that is exactly how I’ve been feeling these past couple of days. I am so thankful and blessed to first of all, have a family that loves and supports me unconditionally, a place to call home, a job that pays the bills, and friends like you that keep me going.I am so grateful for all of…

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Pre-Fall Wedding – Formal Dress


It makes me happy and nervous to think that the fall season is pretty much here, and as you can imagine, pretty soon we’ ll be talking about Halloween and Christmas shopping. Time is definitely flying by way too quickly!!  Although I am not a big fan of cooler weather, fall is one of my favorite seasons because  I love looking at the leaves changing colors; there is just something amazing about all the beautiful colors Mother Nature throws at us.  I am…

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